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I am looking for specific pieces of software across our network by querying the SCCM Database. My problem is that, for various reasons, sometimes I can search by the program's name and other times I need to search for a specific EXE. Only getting 500 mbps on gigabit
For the page template file, you can use WP_Query instead. Here is an example of how to perform a query on a page template file using WP_Query. For example, lets say your theme queries the main loop like this on your home page (index.php) and category pages (category.php) and the pagination is not working:

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May 24, 2017 · Query Devices,IP Address and IP Subnet per Device. select distinct A.Name0 as ‘PC Name’,c.IPAddress0 as ‘IP Address’,D.IP_Subnets0 as ‘IP Subnet’ from v_R_System A inner join v_FullCollectionMembership B on A.ResourceID=B.ResourceID Inner join v_GS_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGUR C ON A.ResourceID=C.ResourceID

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Sep 06, 2008 · At my company we wanted to create a system where developers could opt in to receive a copy of the nightly build of the software they were working on. In the first part of this project we create a collection based on the software inventory of a particular file. By default SCCM looks for any *.exe's on client systems.

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Open the properties for the folder created in step 1, and select the “Sharing Tab” and Select Advanced Sharing. By default, the share name will be the same as the folder name, you can change this if desired. –Check the share this folder box.

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One of the most common additions necessary to the OS deployment process in SCCM is a simple prompt to input the computer name. Yes, you can import it in computer association. Yes, you can automate it with scripting. Sometimes, there’s just no way to automate the naming of a system in certain organizations.

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first Identify what inventory files do you need want report on and then enable file inventory in software inventory agent with folder location to search for. go to site hierarchy--->site settings—>client agents—software inventory client agent and add the file name into inventory collection tab.

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Nov 11, 2011 · I need the query to display the name of the software. The statement that I currently have shows Resource ID, Resource type, Name, Config manager Unique ID, Resource domain or workgroup, client and resource names.

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Jun 21, 2010 · So what I set out to do was look for all the machines that have reported back an AD System Discovery record within the last day (technically, the query below is referencing 23 hours) that doesn't have the latest version of the SCCM client (or the client version is null).

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Apr 05, 2016 · Thanks Prajwal for the prompt and perfect help. You may please mark the problem as SOLVED. I modified the query a bit as follows: select SMS_R_System.IPAddresses, SMS_R_System.OperatingSystemNameandVersion, SMS_R_System.LastLogonUserName, SMS_R_System.NetbiosName, SMS_R_System.Active, SMS_R_System.ResourceId, SMS_R_System.ResourceType, SMS_R_System.Name, SMS_R_System.SMSUniqueIdentifier, SMS_R ...

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2461484 Active Boot media Collection Deployment Heavy load Hotfix Image ISO Last logon Linked Server Loadstate Offline patching Offline servicing OSD Patch Psexec RunAs System SCCM SCCM 2012 SP1 SCCM Reporting Site Recovery SMS Provider SMS_DEF.MOF SoftwareUpdateAutomation Software Updates SQL SQL custom port SQL Native Client SQL Query Status ...

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Probably the thing that gives SCCM most of its power (IMO) is the ability to target programs at machines with very specific properties, by using query based collections – however this is also something that we get constant emails about from our support customers.

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