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– headcanons – gi vi ng s/o a piggy back ride (kirishima) t i k tok kiss (deku, bakugo, kaminari, shinsou) c a u ght on a date (todoroki) see ing his shiketsu s/o (todoroki) being told they’re beautiful (dabi and shigaraki) watching cherry blossoms (hawks) a clingy s/o (shigaraki) sweet but tough s/o (shigaraki) domestic hcs (shigaraki) Disappearing symptoms right before bfp ivf
Soryu lost all his patience and punch him. He lost his patience due to what your ex-boyfriend did to you in the past. He made a promise to himself that if he ever crossed path with your ex-boyfriend he will do everything to make him pay for what he has done to you. Your ex-boyfriend fell down on the ground holding his face.

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Hawks said "…because it's hot" you said, cringing at your words; Within a blink of an eye, Hawks was by your side, tickling you. You laughed as you tried to push him off, begging him to stop; The blanket that was wrapped around you, fell off to reveal Hawks favourite sweater "I knew it!" Hawks said "H-Hawks!

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Sep 19, 2020 · # aizawa headcanons # shouta aizawa x you # aizawa x you # Aizawa x y/n # eraserhead x you # eraserhead headcanons # eraserhead x reader # eraserhead mha # eraserhead # hawks x reader # hawks headcanon # hawks x y/n # hawks x you # my hero academia hawks; peepeepoopoo69 liked this

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Alpha Hawks Headcanons - He’s one cocky alpha. Handsome and he knows it too. - He has a dominating scent that makes some omegas steer clear from him while making others swoon over him. His scent is powerful too, and he likes it that way. - However confident he may seem, he’s never had a bonded mate.

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Ppl loving Hawks for being a villainous morally gray character but getting disappointed upon seing that he never actually killed Best Jeanist and that he killed Twice in order to save thousands of heroes are like 路♀ idk what y'all expected. Hawks is the biggest hero in the series.

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→ synopsis: hawks cheats on you over and over again until you’ve had enough. [ earth angel] ; fluff, prohero!reader, maleficent!reader → synopsis: hawks has a bit of a collision in the air and it’s you, the super mysterious fellow winged-hero he’s been trying to know more about. his earth angel. [ tea and honey] ; comfort, slight angst

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Notes Pentagon Yeo One Boyfriend Headcanons. he’s the kind of boyfriend that always keeps you on your toes but in a good way ... watches you like a hawk around ...

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“Bakugou is not her boyfriend.” “Maybe if he ever got around to confessing his feelings to L/N. It’s been years at this point.” Oh, was this interesting? Hawks shouldn’t find this as intriguing as he did; this was his assistant, for fuck’s sake; he should be professional instead of indulging in this drama.

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HAWKS (TAKAMI KEIGO) ♤ How he finds out is completely by accident. The sofa was occupied by your boyfriend while you were in the kitchen preparing some snacks and drinks for movie night. As soon as you set down the bowl of chips and our drinks, Keigo was already whining for your attention.

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Wereworld book #3, Shadow of the Hawk, is a amazing book that completely lives up to the expectations set by the first two books. As with the last two books, it can get a bit gory, so I would definitely recommend it for older teens.

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#SMAU SERIES! JUST UNTIL I WIN! oikawa tooru x reader . genre - fluff, crack and angst. summary - being an assistant athletics trainer for a national team proves to be a job that requires a lot of effort, persistence and dedication. just like your long term relationship with a member of a rivalling team. keeping your relationship with world famous athlete oikawa tooru under wraps is no easy ...

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